This is just Esther


Hi!! I’m Esther, a 31-years old researcher on sustainability from Les Franqueses del Vallès (near Barcelona, Spain). On my leisure time I like to get in touch with nature and have some adventures (climbing, hiking, kayaking). When I have time and money, my preferred option is to travel and discover new places, cultures, languages and have adventures in complete unknown places 🙂

This is just a travel blog for sharing adventure time experiences in Catalonia, Europe and around the world. I decided to start it in 2016 when I left for my first 6-weeks solo backpacker trip around Australia. Since then, I moved to Italy, the 4th European country to live in. When I find some time, I publish some posts here and prepare some videos in my Vimeo account.

Most of my adventures are shared adventures and my favorite company is Victor, my boyfriend, a painter and a true survivor in the nature (he likes to set fire, construct archs and all this cute stuff :D)



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