France – Via Ferrata in Le Cerdagne: Lló


Last summer we were camping in le Cerdagne (we will write an specific post for some tips :D) and we took the via ferrata equipment for doing some exercise and having some adreline.

In France, via ferratas are usually managed by companies. Private via ferrateas have a trade-off: You have to pay a fee for the access (and they also provide you the equipment for safety) but the equipment is excellent, as they take care of maintaining the via ferrata. [So, no broken accessories in the middle of the way that put you in a compromised situation :P]

We did the Via Ferrata of Lló ( which consists of climbing a mountain of 260m. There are two options of different level (AD, D+).

The best choice: TAKE THE VIA FERRATA + SPA

In this area, there are a lot of NATURAL SPAS that take advantage of hot groundwater. Just next to the Via Ferrata there’s one small spa. You can have a cheaper ticket for the spa when paying the via ferrata fee. This is totally worthy!!! After the exhausting via ferrata, having a relaxing time in the spa is just like heaven. We really had a complete day 😀

For families:

  • There is a via ferrata for kids (60m)
  • There is a pack to access also zip-lines that are 85m above

More info:


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