United Kingdom – Why visiting Brighton? 8 things to do

Brighton is the “beach” of London and it gets crowded in summer of people coming from “the city”. I’m fortunate and I have family and friends living in this amazing town, so I had the opportunity to visit Brighton several times. We spent two New Year’s Eve there and also a short visit in June.

1) Coffee time: The Marwood

I just can say that “the Willy Wonka of the coffee” owns this coffee shop: amazing coffee, amazing cakes and a really interesting decoration (walls are full of things). Have a “kick arse coffee and life changing cake” in The Marwood (http://www.themarwood.com/). In the website you can also learn some tips for an amazing coffee.

IMG_54912) Foodporn: Eat in Wheat and Beans

This Catalan-Argentinian family just put all their hearts in cooking and preparing coffee and food. Pizza, “empanada argentina”, cakes, croissants,… every taste is incredible. Wheat and beans (https://www.facebook.com/wheatandbeans/) is home-made and healthy food in the centre of Brighton. Totally worthy!

3) Asian food: Pompoko

I cannot describe how we felt the first time we went to Pompoko (http://pompoko.co.uk/). This tiny Asian restaurant just has the very ancient secret of cooking. They do amazing rice and noodles dishes with tofu, meat or seafood. Quality-price is excellent! We can describe Pompoko as “Love made food”.

4) Relax time: Lie down in the Pavillion Gardens

From spring to autumn, the Pavillion Gardens get full of people, lying down with music, drinks and food. The atmosphere is really nice and friendly. Just watch out with seagulls, they want your bread! 😛

5) Out of the town: Take a bus to the Seven sisters

If you’re staying several days you can also plan a trip to the Seven sisters. From the bus station in the Churchill square shopping centre you can take a bus to the Seven sisters natural park. We have to confess that we were not lucky when we tried to reach these amazing cliffs that break the long shore of Brighton area, but people say is really worthy [We just got into a huge storm and had to go back].


6) Pub time: the Fishbowl, the Mash Tun or the Victory

As a good English town, Brighton is plenty of pubs. We have our preferences and we recommend having a pint in the Fishbowl, the Mash Tun or the Victory. Different pubs placed in various spots of the city.

7) Walking to Hove

After a huge hamburger in any of the pubs of the town, we recommend to have a walk. A good option is walking from Brighton to The Hove following the Western Road (from the Churchill square). Once you get to the church and the park in the Palmeira square, you can approach the sea and come back to Brighton following the shore.

8) Get lost in the North Lanes

There are two small parts of the town devoted to shopping: the South lanes and the North lanes. Undoubtedly, I love the North lanes: full of small shops of clothing, bookshops, second-hand, comics, souvenirs, artisan, etc… Each of my visits I spent at least one afternoon walking around and having a looked at these shops. [But, don’t be wrong… the South lanes are not so magic, they’re just conventional and glamourous shops.]


12 pensaments sobre “United Kingdom – Why visiting Brighton? 8 things to do

    1. It’s not a common destination, at least for Spanish tourists. I discovered it because my cousins moved there, if not… it would have probably keep unknown for me! The magic of coincidences! 😀


  1. I’m planning to go to Brighton for the first time in a couple months, so I really enjoyed reading this! Definitely will be saving this to make sure I check these places out 🙂


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