Kayaking in Costa Brava – Catalonia


Costa Brava is one of the most amazing coasts of Spain with a lot of cliffs, coves and small beaches. However, Costa Brava is also one of the most tourist areas and thus is crowded during the season. For accessing well-known beaches and having a meal in a restaurant can become a nightmare.

That’s why people that live there and own a boat, access isolated and small beaches by sea. We had also the opportunity for it this summer (Thanks auntie!)


But this was just an exception, and usually you have to walk a couple of hours to reach a small beach where someone that woke up earlier than you is already occupying…

So, we recommend using Kayaks for enjoying Costa Brava. Prepare a pickinck, pack it and go for renting your kayak. It’s the way to do some sport while discovering the sea and the land melting in one.

Some people also use paddle surf for doing such adventure, but you’re slower and have no so much time to visit coves, have a bath, snorkeling and follow your adventure.


The lucky thing is that… such abrupt relief is sometimes inaccessible by boat and Kayak is the optimal option for discovering the nature of Costa Brava and doing it alone with the nature.

WATCH OUT WHEN SNORKELING! Jellyfishes  and sea urchins are common in Costa Brava waters! 

Some links for rental, tours and courses:

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