Hiking in Australia: The valley of the winds (Kata Tjuta) photoshot

I’m currently doing my first solo travel for 6 weeks and I’m enjoying it so much! Australia is amazing and I have shared part of the travel with other solo travelers to approach remote and breathtaking parts of the country. This is being a really amazing trip and being 6 weeks abroad and without working (only in the blog some days) is perfect.
But I have a confession to do and I want to share with you how much I miss my boyfriend during these days not only as my couple but also as a traveler. Maybe other solo travellers can give their opinion too.

1. He has been my travel partner for 7 years. We have shared so many trips and holidays together that I got really used to share with him most of my discoveries. This time I had to learn enjoying them by myself or sharing them with the travel partners of that moment. When I had connection then I shared with him the main highlights of the day 🙂 But it’s not the same 😦

2. He’s my favourite photographer. One thing I realized during these days is that he’s such a good photographer! When asking other people for taking pictures with me in it I had to discard most of them or posted them because I had no other option, but I was missing his photographer touch, his perfect frame… Some people doesn’t consider what they’re taking pictures of and just click the button, with no love at all, as he does!

3. He’s as adventurer as me. The other day I was jumping trees and stones for reaching waterfalls and having some adrenaline. Actually, only a few people joined us on these jumps, and I was thinking how many seconds he would last on saying “Yes, let’s go!”. Maybe the answer is 2 🙂

4. He gives the most heartwarming hugs. I got some hugs during these weeks but I miss his hugs, they’re warm, soft, the perfect size to put my head on his shoulder… I hope he will give me the 43 daily hugs I’ve missed :p

5. He can fix almost everything. When something is broken, he always knows what to do and how to fix it almost immediately. When we were in the middle of the desert with the tent broken, with no gas stove, with broken mosquito nets… I remember all the times he fixed something when camping or travelling and I discovered how much I have learnt from him in these situations.

6. He’s an explorer. Insects, flowers, rivers, … he usually finds and points out most of the highlights of the landscapes and places that we visit. He’s an artist and is really sensitive for discovering places and exploring their details. He usually shows me all of these details and drives me along the secrets of the places. This time I found myself since the very first day discovering secrets and details by my own, being the first one on finding them.

7. Our diary. We usually write a diary when traveling, with all the trip stops and highlights, the experiences and also the stunning moments (like when he saw the balls of a homeless in the middle of Wien…). We also like to create lists of categories, like type of neighbours you can find in campsites. And we draw all the funny moments of the trip. Reading these diaries make your mind travel again and laugh a lot. I miss the moments at the end of the day, sitting and writing those lines, drawing stuff and defining new categories together.

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