Australia: top 5 sunsets in the outback

The outback offers you an incredible landscape and unique conditions to experience the sunrise and sunset along your roadtrip. Here my top 5 sunsets of those I enjoyed during my 9-days roadtrip from Adelaide to Alice Springs through the Oodnadatta track and Central Australia.

5) On the road

In the middle of the desert after driving some miles and hiking around Flinders Ranger national park we lived our first sunset in the flat desert. Clouds and trees were giving some added-value to the moment, providing shadows and colours to the postcard view.

4) Oodnadatta track

When crossing the outback, one unconsciously follows the rhythm of nature and sunlight becomes the clock. Waking up at first lights and sleeping after sunset. In the Oodnadatta track, this feeling is intensified since one gets integrated into the dehumanized outback.


3) Talanguru Nyakunytjaku: Uluru & Kata Tjuta sunset

After hiking in Uluru or in Kata Tjuta, you can drive towards Talanguru Nyakunytjaku where you will find a platform spot to observe the sunset while contemplating Uluru and Kata Tjuta at the same time.


2) The lights on Uluru

Defining the colour of Uluru is hard since it constantly changes with the sunlight. When surrounding the monolith in the Base Walk, one notices these effects and observes colour changes throughout the steps. The sunlight, though, offers the supreme magic during sunset, when Uluru shines and turns into a bright orange element that progressively losses energy and switches off. You can observe this process from the Car Sunset Park of the national park.


1) Sunset at Kings Canyon Resort
The incredible of the sunset on Kings canyon is that the magic relies on how the sunlight changes the colour of the mountains. It was unbelievable how beautiful and delightful observing with our own eyes a mountain being converted into gold!!

The real sunset was this site (already pretty spectacular with the clouds):


But this was the magic on the mountains:


And when the sun was totally gone, the pink sky was astonishing:


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