Are you a camper? 6 amazing campsites to plant your tent

If you like to plant your tent wherever you go, I asked some travel bloggers about the best campsites they ever visited to compile a list of awesome camping places  around the world. Here you can read about 6 amazing spots from the USA to Australia to have in mind for your next trips.

EcoRetreats, near Machynlleth in mid-Wales (United Kingdom)

Amanda, from Amanda’s Wanderlust 

“I love camping, and spend much of the summer in a tent either at festivals, the beach or out in the countryside. But sometimes you want just a little more comfort, right? Well I know just the place…

A visit to EcoRetreats is a treat for the mind, body and soul.  By the time you’ve negotiated the four miles of forest track to the site and climbed the hill to your forest tipi, you will already be starting to unwind. There is no place here for the stresses and strains of everyday life. This is a place to embrace a simple routine; an opportunity just to be.

EcoRetreats is a 50 acre site nestled among the Welsh mountains with breath-taking views. The dense forest is broken only by glimpses of rolling meadow, mountain waterfalls and a gently babbling stream.

This is a glamping experience like no other; offering a fantastic mix of real comfort and wilderness adventure. The tipis are scattered sparsely around the 50 acre site, guaranteeing complete privacy, and the owners care passionately committed to the environment. Holistic therapies and meditation sessions help make this a magical low impact retreat in a truly remote and unspoiled natural environment.”



Camp Purple, Mukteshwar (India)

Jo, from Wander with Jo 

“2 years ago, my friends and I thought we needed some “adventure” in our lives. So, we booked 2 nights at Camp Purple in Mukteshwar. Now these are your typical concrete base camp sites overlooking the hills – breathtaking views of mountains and sunsets – perfect, right? Well, indeed, but our trip got better on Day 2 when our camp guides told us we are going for a little walk in the jungle – with tents and food – Exciting!

With adrenaline pumping, we hiked deep into the dense forests. We saw a river and it was getting dark so we pitched our tents, lit a bonfire and started cooking. After a hearty meal, our guides told us stories of man-eating leopards who roam the area – yup, thats right – this very area where we were pitched with no ammunition and my rusty karate skills – jeez!

Soon we heard villagers screaming from a distance – when we asked what the chaos was about, our friendly guides informed us they were yelling to scare away the leopards. What!!!! Okay! Well, we all decided to sleep in one single tent – though, we had 3 pitched. After an hour, we heard a deer’s alarm call (they bark when they see a big cat/ when they are afraid), right outside our tent. It lasted for around 10 mins and I could imagine the leopard sniffing around our whimsy cloth tent wondering if we are worth the trouble or not. We were all shivering in the tent – maybe coz it was so cold (yeah, right – that’s what we tell ourselves). We barely got any sleep that night and none got out the tent – even to pee – we were back safe n sound at the break of dawn.

So undoubtedly this was my most exciting camping trip!”



Whitehaven Beach, Whitesunday Islands, Queensland (Australia)

Stephanie, from Big World Small Pockets 

“The most amazing camping spot I recently stayed at was on Whitehaven Beach, which is part of the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia. These tropical islands are one of the jewels in Australia’s tourism crown and, scatted among the Great Barrier Reef, are famous for their paradise-perfect white sands and azure waters.

I paid only $5.50 to camp on Whitehaven Beach, which is probably the Whitsunday’s most famous destination and has been repeatedly voted one of the top beaches in the world. I couldn’t resist enjoying a slice of this renowned paradise for peanuts! The best feeling was when all the organised boat trippers departed Whitehaven in the afternoon and I was left, almost totally alone, on this deserted tropical island to enjoy the stellar sunset for myself”
Whitehaven SunsetWhitsundays, QLD

Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California (United States)

Chantell, from Adoration 4 adventure 

“My favorite place to go camping was in Yosemite Valley National Park!

Yosemite is one of the most well-known National Parks in the U.S.A. and can be reached by car, taking approximately four hours to drive from San Francisco. There is a $30 USD per car entrance fee into the National Park and it costs around $26 USD per night for a campsite.

The valley is its own little city within the woods with a restaurant, grocery store, outdoor gear store, showers, bike rentals, a local bus and even a laundromat! Even with all the luxury of these amenities, Yosemite Valley is still wonderfully preserved and as unaffected as it can be with the presence of humans.

In addition to numerous hiking trails, horse and donkey rides and drive to look outs of El Capitan and Half Dome there is also a very educational information centre. With so many activities in Yosemite Valley, it is easy to spend weeks there.”


Comfort Camping, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta (Canada)

Karlie, from Miss Wanderlust

“In the Badlands of Southern Alberta, an area off the beaten path for most tourists, lies Dinosaur Provincial Park, home to an otherworldly landscape of rock formations in odd shapes, striped with layers of ancient sediment and the site of many important fossil discoveries. Accommodations in the area are limited and there isn’t a hotel in site for kilometers in all directions.

There is a campsite in the park that offers plenty of places to pitch a tent, but if you’re looking for something really special, Comfort Camping is the way to go. Rest your head in a luxurious tent made of sturdy canvas that is complete with a full sized bed, mini fridge, table and chairs and BBQ. I’m a city slicker at heart and don’t camp in the traditional sense, but I’m a Comfort Camping convert and have done it at other amazing places in Alberta thanks to the site at Dinosaur!”

USA dinosaur-provincial-park-camping

Camping Schatzlmühle, Oberosterreich (Austria)

Esther, from Trip to adventure

“In 2013 we did a roadtrip around Austria with the car and the tent. We visited the main cities and its surroundings and we usually looked for campings near cities that had an easy access to the nature highlights too. Campings were kind of “normal”, nice but normal! When we were approaching Linz, we found a camping around 50km away from the city in the way to the center of the country that was cheap and available for those nights. Our surprise was when we discovered that we just reached a camper paradise: the Camping Scatzmühle.

The camping area was a large esplanade with some tipis and a former millwheel that gave to the space a nice environment (and also for pictures! :P). The campsite was surrounded by a forest and just next to a river, where we used to have breakfast and coffee enjoying the sun every morning. Fire was allowed in the camping, so Victor constructed a fireplace for being warm, cooking toasts and pizzas. We enjoyed all the time we spent in the camping those 2 days… we loved laying down next to the fire, warm and observing the stars… Victor loved to be in charge of the fire for a couple of days (I suspect he’s a bit pyromaniac)… we played in the forest and the river like children… and, last, we didn’t want to leave it after all. It wasn’t just a camping, an accomodation place… it was a play to enjoy, discover the nature and get back to the original campers”


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  1. Wow! I am actually camping right now on Ometepe island in Nicaragua, and it’s pretty plush for camping! I think the first one on this list sounds the most my speed. I don’t like getting eaten by leopards! 😛

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