Spain – Andalucía camping: Camping park Pizarra (Málaga)

Andalucía is known by the beauty of the beaches, the party in the cities and the incredible food. This time, though, I wanted to explore beyond the clichés and get lost in the landscapes and mountains of the countryside. So, I planned a road trip around Andalucía and as one of my stops I chose exploring the mountains of Málaga province, in the centre of Andalucía.


For this part of the road trip I found the perfect spot to stay for some days: the camping park Pizarra. This accommodation resulted in an optimal option for the active tourists that seek hiking, biking, climbing and doing outdoor activities getting close to nature (just my type :D).

Perfect location
The coast of Málaga is full of camping options with mass sun&beach tourist campsites. In the rural areas, campsites are commonly placed next to touristic spots, meaning that for visiting different touristic hotspots the drive can be long. Instead of that, the location of the camping park Pizarra was perfect to visit all the places in our wish list. It is located 30min from Málaga city, 30min to Caminito del Rey and 45min to Torcal de Antequera. Just the spot in the middle of everywhere!
The campsite is next to Pizarra, a small village perfect to get lost between the small streets, find colorful buildings, chat with charming people and taste some Spanish food along your walk. This town has a train station that connects to multiple destinations of the province, even Málaga city, making easier the mobility for those visitors that do not have a car.

Stunning views
One of the things I loved the most of my stay in the camping park Pizarra were the views to the entire valley. The camping is placed in La Serrana Hills of Pizarra. The shiny green of the spring-growing herbs and the blue of the sunny sky were illuminating my mornings. At the background I could see the mountains of Pizarra and other taller mountains of the Betic system, which covers half Andalucía. For me, there’s nothing better than waking up feeling that you just slept in the middle of nature! The distribution of the camping along former agricultural terraces enhances that all visitors can enjoy these stunning views!


Yummy breakfast
Cooking when camping is sometimes annoying, but is better than spending high amounts of money in the bars of camping where food is sometimes not even good 😦 So, when you find a camping with a yummy menu and economic prices is like being at home. One of the specialities is, of course, the English breakfast! We enjoyed it in the mornings, being a perfect option for getting enough energy to explore and hike the mountains around 🙂 Furthermore, you can have breakfast in the terrace of the bar while getting som energy from the Sun (photosynthesis moments). The bar was also the point to have some beers in the evening for chatting a little bit, reviewing the day or working in the blog. Great beer at good price is always welcomed 🙂


Optimal installations
The camping park Pizarra has different areas for mobile homes, caravans and tents. This campsite has a perfect area to host multiple visitors without getting crowded, fact that I don’t like of mass tourism camping where they don’t care about the quality of your stay. In this camping, it seems that you always have your space and can feel comfortable like home. The size of the camping is small (60 plots) to keep a familiar environment. The camping has a nice swimming pool, perfect for sunny and warm days, which becomes essential for summer months in this area of Spain. The camping offers other basic services like reception, bar, washing up sinks, electricity, drinkable water, WC, showers and laundry. And, last but not least, WiFi connection is good around the campsite (great for international visitors!).


… And beyond the tangible aspects of the camping (location, views, food, installations), there are NICE PEOPLE managing this awesome campsite. Tracey and Tony is an English couple that have been in Spain since 2000. They knew Spain through your motorbike trips and decided to move to Andalucía for growing up a family in a safe place for children. Some years ago bought the piece of land, where now the Camping park Pizarra is settled. After a hard work on preparing everything, the camping opened in January 2015. They made our stay really enjoyable with chats in the bar and a one of the best things a manager can offer: lots of recommendations for discovering the surroundings! In fact, Tony gave us so much information about the Ronda area (Grazalema, Zahara, Montejarque) that we changed our road trip plans to include them in it and it was absolutely worthy! So, enjoy a drink in the bar while asking for new places to visit if you have doubts on when to spend your time 🙂

Do not hesitate to stay in this campsite when exploring Malaga mountains! Know more about it in their Facebook page: and their website:


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