Lighthouses around the world

Lighthouses have a special magic, guide the lost and bright under the dark night. I asked some travel bloggers to send me pictures of their favourite lighthouse in the World so you can enjoy them too.

1) Ilha do Farol, Portugal – Ada from Everlasting Voyage (Facebook)

Ilha do faro_Portugal

2) The White Queen, Great Ocean Road, Australia – Esther from Trip to adventure (Facebook & Instagram)


3) Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, Pangasinan, Philippines – Melai from Loved and Wanderlust (Facebook & Instagram)


4) Faro de Higuer,  Hondarribia, Spain Sarah from Jetsetting Fools (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

Faro de Higuer Hondarribia Lighthouse

5) Umhlanga Lighthouse,  Durban, South Africa Sara from In Africa and Beyond (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)


6) Faro de Colonia del Sacramento, Colonia, Uruguay – Ivana from Postcards from Ivy


7) Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon, United States – Sarah from Jetsetting Fools (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

Heceta Head Lighthouse Oregon

8) Faro de Torre la higuera, Matalascañas, Spain – Esther from Trip to adventure (Facebook & Instagram)


9) Brockton Point, Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada – Gemma from Two Scots abroad (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)

Stanley Park I Vancouver I Two Scots Abroad_

10) St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida, United States – Teanna from Sidles adventures (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)


11) Wollongong lighthouse, New South Wales, Australia – Kachina from Kachina’s nomaddiction (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram)


4 pensaments sobre “Lighthouses around the world

  1. Cagliari, 09.21.2016

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am Giuseppangelo Tore, an Italian construction engineer who was asked by the Coastal Conservatory Agency of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia to cooperate on the project called Med-Phares – Strategies de gestion pour integree the mise en valeur du patrimoine del phares, semaphores balises et de la Méditerranée.
    My task involves also the search and the catalogation of lighthouses photos located on the mediterranean sea coasts. I am writing to request your written permission to riprint your photo published on this website, which would appear on brochures for public use, and on the websites and, for social and non-profit purpose.
    I grant your name will be printed next to your photo as its author.
    If you are willing to grant me permission to reprint the image referenced above, on the basis of Public Domain Dedication (CC0 1.0), please reply with your official confirmation so that I may have your permission for my recors.
    I can be reached via fax 0705436731, or email:

    Thank you for your kind consideration of this request.

    Your sincerely,

    Ing. Giuseppangelo Tore
    Via Ennio Porrino n. 23
    09028 SESTU – CAGLIARI (Sardinia, Italy)


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