Andalucia – La Alhambra (Granada, Spain) from day to night: Photo shot

In the south of Spain, arabic emirates dominated for several centuries before the “Reconquista” at the end of the 15th century. As a result, many southern cities have an important cultural heritage from l’Al-Andalus. This is the case of Granada.

Inscribed in the World Heritage List, la Alhambra is one of the main touristic spots of Granada, Spain. La Alhambra is a complex that consists of palaces inside a fortress from former Arabic kings.

One can visit for free the complex, apart from the palaces (El Generalife, Palacios Nazaríes) and the gardens. For this particular areas of the Alhambra, one can buy a ticket at Ticketmaster. The general ticket costs around 15€ per person (with discount rates for kids, young and retired people).

On our visit to Granada, within Easter, tickets were not available for the entire Alhambra, neither for day visits. So, we spotted the Alhambra from el Albayzín, visit the free areas of la Alhambra during the day and performed the paid visit of El Generalife and gardens at night.

La Alhambra from el Albayzín

We recommend to enjoy the sunset from el Mirador de San Nicolás (a belvedere up in the Albayzin neighbourhood). One can see the magic changes of colours during the sunset, which are displayed on la Alhambra and Sierra Nevada: from warm ochres to cold lilas.


The free areas of the Alhambra complex

The day after we visited the free areas of the Alhambra complex. We recommend to walk around the complex and visit: the Museum of Arts in the Palace of Carlos V (some days are for free, though the price is quite cheap), Angel Barrios Museum, “Puerta de la Justícia” and “Puerta del Vino”.


Walking around El Generalife at night

Finally, at night we visited El Generalife and the gardens. It was amazing to be charmed by the lights around the garden and the reflexions on the water. El Generalife was absolutely amazing, with all the arabic details along the palace and the views of los Palacios Nazaríes from the top. We had a different night, far from tapas and beers but completely worthy!!


12 pensaments sobre “Andalucia – La Alhambra (Granada, Spain) from day to night: Photo shot

  1. Wow, your photos are so amazing! I almost went there a few months ago, but we didn’t make it. This area looks so romantic in the evening! It looks like it wasn’t very crowded either, which is great for the photos.

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  2. It looks very beautiful! I will be going there in a few months and it’s good to know that I have to book tickets online in order to make sure that I can visit the entire complex. I will also follow your advice and spend one evening at Generalife gardens.

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  3. Beautiful photographs! I’ve never seen the place at night. Thanks for all the advice!
    As a photographer myself, it’s so helpful to have the details on best times to visit places.


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