4 continents in the list for 2017 travels

2016 was an indredible traveling year:

  • Starting the year with some friends in Castilla y León, exploring for the first time León, the mountains and lakes (playing with snow!) and Valladolid
  • 6 weeks solo traveling around Australia to get in love with the vibrant cities, the hot desert and the wild nature
  • Visiting Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya in the way back from Australia to meet again a malaysian friend
  • Road trip around Andalusia to discover the cliffs, the sea, the mountains and the nature hidden by the “sangría, tapas y olé” mass tourism brand
  • Discovering a little bit of the Ruhrgebiet: Dortmund, Köln and Soest
  • Moving to Bologna for a new job
  • Getting lost in the Apennine mountains of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna
  • Traveling Brazil for three weeks: Rio de janiero, North East coast and Amazon


But… the most exciting is that 2017 is gonna be also really amazing:

  • Visiting Cape Town for a week to attend the World Sustainability Forum
  • Moving to Dortmund for 10 weeks to work there (the perfect opportunity to visit the North West of Germany… still missing!)
  • Visiting Lisbon with a friend (we did a destination-match last year <3)
  • Going to Chicago for my 30th b-day to join a conference and doing a roadtrip around the Great lakes in the way to Toronto
  • 3 weeks in Japan for doing holidays with my parents and listening all the stories my father has to tell us from when he worked there for Sony

So, I will be back in Asia and i will visit Africa and North America for the first time, while keeping exploring Europe… And these are only the plans at 3rd January… so let’s see how 2017 surprises me with spontaneous and last-minute plans!!

Happy traveling to everyone this new 2017!!



25 pensaments sobre “4 continents in the list for 2017 travels

    1. Wow it would be really fun to meet there! I’ll be there in August 🙂 and… absolutely YES! Oh, Japan, fill me with ramen and sushi hahaha Happy 2017!


  1. I’m not surprised to see sites from Spain, Australia, and Brazil on your list. They all seem to be hot destinations for 2016! We were hoping my husband could get a post doc at a university in Spain, but unfortunately jobs in academia are few and far between these days. Happy travels for 2017. 🙂

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    1. Hey Carrie!! Actually, I moved to Italy for postdoc!! Academia is sometimes complicated yes, particularly in Spain or Italy where there’s not so much internal money and they depend on external funding… I got a Marie Curie fellow from the European Commission, if not there were no so many options here in Italy :S I hope you find the way to go wherever you want! Happy travels for 2017 too 😀 E


  2. Attending sustainability forum seems very good to me, I would like to attend something like that. Today world needs that approach and we bloggers can do lot in terms of spreading awareness. Hope your list is struck done by the end of 2017.

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    1. Thanks Indrani! I work on sustainability research 🙂 and I always try to travel sustainable too, particularly regarding social equity and local communities 😀 Happy 2017 too! E


  3. You had a great year travel wise and wishing you even more adventures in 2017 with many more cool opportunities!
    Moving to Bologna (or anywhere in Italy for that matter) sounds like a dream! I would also love to make it to Asia one day in the near future and visit Japan.


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