6-weeks around Australia: solo trip itinerary

When I did a 6-months break between my PhD and moving to a new country for a post-doc I travelled 6-weeks solo in Australia. I was the best choice to keep my mind free of the stress of completing a PhD and the anxiety of what would be next in my next stage.

Australia is huge… so it was impossible to see all the country in only 6 weeks. Plus, traveling solo made some areas more difficult to visit, like crossing the desert, which is absolutely not recommended to do it alone. Regarding this last point, I was lucky and found other 3 solo travelers to do that part. At the end, I spent with them half of  my time in Australia.

However, the fact of needing to meet this people and visiting a friend in Brisbane contributed to an unconventional route around the island. Nevertheless, I here detail my travel itinerary for inspiration to your trip around Australia.

After a long fly Barcelona – Dubai – Sydney, I explored a bit the east coast:

  • VISIT TO SYDNEY. I met a friend from Catalonia that some weeks before just moved to Bondi beach. We hung out around the Harbour area and also visited Bondi beach.
  • Night-bus trip to BYRON BAY. A must along the East coast, this surfing spot has amazing vibes and beaches.
  • First visit to BRISBANE. A friend from Spain was living in Brisbane, so I quickly visited her for the weekend and started to enjoy that city (Brissy was my favourite!)
  • Roadtrip back to SYDNEY. I took a free rental car that needed relocation from Brissy to Sydney and did a roadtrip during 3 days along the coast, stoping in the most beautiful spots.

After the East Coast, I traveled to Melbourne to find my solo-travelers group to start our roadtrip towards the desert!

  • VISIT TO MELBOURNE. I liked Melbourne a lot and found it nicer than Sydney at a first glance. The street art, the movement of people, the green parks… a city to be lived!
  • GREAT OCEAN ROAD. An absolutely must in Australia is a roadtrip through this road to see the most beautiful sunsets along the southern cliffs of Australia (e.g., Twelve apostles).
  • In our way to ADELEIDE, we stopped at the Mount Gambier and the Corong National Park.
  • ADELEIDE was quite surprising and we enjoyed some sunbathing and swimming in the beach. Quite a warm city, but unexpectedly nice.
  • DESERT TRIP to ULURU. The most magical days of my trip in Australia were here, with 3 not-anymore-strangers crossing the desert, visiting national parks, having dinner observing the sunset, sleeping under the thousands-stars skies of the desert in our camper, having a flat tyre under 47C… It is an absolute experience to drive and live the desert for some days and getting to know Australia’s outback.
  • ULURU and KATJA JUTA national park. These mountains are insanely wonderful, you can observe them and walk around them for hours and be impressed in every step of the new sight and colours the nature is offering you.

Back to the ocean, I spent a couple of weeks in Queenland:

  • CAIRNS: back to a hostel life, one can visit the rainforest, jump from waterfalls, scuba in the Great Barrier or going to see platypus. Here I observed a large variety of places and I have to admit that I really appreciated Queensland.
  • Roadtrip to BRISBANE. With one of the other solo travelers we took a second relocation camper to drive towards Brisbane and, again, we stopped along the way and observed all the spots we wanted to put in our wishing list for future travels to Australia.
  • Back to BRISBANE. I spend some more days in Brisbane to see my friend and enjoy the city with her (eating, museums, walking around), and to explore the surroundings (sanctuaries, trekkings). I left the city with the feeling that it is a perfect place for living: nice weather year-round, nice and healhty vibes and very active (bars, shops, culture…).

My last stop before leaving to Malaysia: DARWIN. I didn´t plan very well my visit to Darwin, as when I was there it was the wrong season to be and no trip to the natural parks were available. However, fortune smiled one last time to me before leaving Australia and I met a really nice Italian couple in the hostel and we spent some of the time together.


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